How to Choose a Compelling Argumentative Essay Topic?

Do you tend to let out a sign of exasperation every time you are assigned an essay? Do you often contemplate – “What should I write about now?” 

We hear you.

Selecting an essay topic can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience, often even more than the writing process itself. From the fear of selecting a wrong topic to selecting one that bores your professors to death – the entire process is filled with intense confusion and second guesses.

According to eminent stalwarts of reputed argumentative essay help websites, this process can be even more challenging when you are working on a critical paper like an argumentative essay. However, remember the success of your essays depends on the topic you are choosing.

No need to worry. To aid you, we have done the extensive legwork for you. In today’s comprehensive post, we will walk you through the essential attributes of a good argumentative essay topic, as well as the strategies to pick the perfect one that gets people talking.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

The Essential Attributes of an Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topic 

Try to remember how many times you have argued with your parents or friends. Probably a million. Do you know 80% of people admit to arguing via text message, with only 20% preferring to discuss issues face-to-face? Again, according to a YouGov poll, more than 90% of American couples argue. However, remember choosing an argumentative topic is not as easy as arguing with your best friend or spouse.

 A close look at blogs of reputed essay help websites like, argumentative essay topic entails numerous key characteristic traits to engage readers and stimulate critical thinking. Here are certain crucial aspects to keep in mind – 




The topic must be debatable with countless perspectives or sides to the argument. This is because controversial subjects often spark interest and encourage discussion. 


A good subject should not have a simple yes or no answer. It must always be multifaceted and allow for nuanced evaluation and exploration of various perspectives. 


The topic must address recent issues or debates that are important for the audience or society at large. 


The subject must be feasible to research and argue effectively within the essay scope. 

Audience Appeal 

The topic should take into consideration the values, interests, and knowledge level of your audience.


The topic must be backed up by credible evidence, data, or examples that can be utilized to substantiate arguments. 

Ethical Considerations 

Ensure the topic is ethically sound and doesn’t promote harmful or discriminatory ideologies. 

Argumentation Scope 

The theme should allow for robust argumentation and counterarguments. 

Effective Guidelines to Select an Exceptional Argumentative Essay Topic 

Selecting an argumentative essay topic is a pivotal step in the essay-writing process. Here are certain effective ways to select the right and interesting topic – 

  • Research Current Trends and Events 

Make sure to stay on recent events, trends, societal issues, politics, technology, culture, and other relevant areas. Scour through reputed news sources, online platforms, and journals to determine timely, relevant, and possible controversial themes. 

  • Take Multiple Perspectives into Consideration 

Ensure to reflect various perspectives surrounding potential themes. An exceptional argumentative essay often involves exploring opposing arguments and offering a balanced perspective. Select a matter that allows for diverse opinions and fosters critical analysis. 

  • Analyze Scope and Feasibility 

Evaluate the feasibility of conducting extensive research and arguing your selected topic within the scope of the word limit of your essay. Avoid excessively broad themes that are challenging to cover comprehensively and excessively narrow subjects that may lack any importance or depth. 

  • Look for Credible Sources & Evidence 

Make sure that your chosen topic is supported by credible data, evidence, research studies, or expert opinions. Conduct preliminary research to figure out the availability of reliable sources and evidence to substantiate your arguments. This is mainly because a theme that has ample supporting evidence will strengthen the persuasiveness of your paper. 

  • Evaluate Audience Interest and Relevance 

Ensure to evaluate the interests, knowledge level, and values of the target audience. Select a point that is likely to resonate with your readers and trigger their interest or thoughts. Further, take into consideration the broader societal relevance of the theme and its potential impact on your group audience. 

  • Refine and Narrow Down the Topic 

Once you’ve generated a list of possible themes, make sure to refine and narrow down your choices based on the aforementioned criteria. Consider the uniqueness, complexity, controversy, and ethical considerations of every theme. Also, make sure to select a topic that remarkably aligns with your research abilities, interests, and essay requirements. 

Wrapping Up, 

Once you are done choosing a topic that’s relevant, debatable, and worth discussing, you are free to start organizing your argumentative essay. Make sure to outline your opinion, conduct extensive research, and understand the process of crafting an argumentative essay writing inside out. After all, choosing simply unique and compelling topics is never enough, right? 

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