Aorkuler vs Petfon: Which Pet Tracker is Worth Buying?

As the number of dog-owning families increases, so do the number of pet smart devices. To keep your dog safe on the go, there are tons of pet trackers on the market, but most of them are based on cellular networks, which not only require a subscription fee, but they often don’t work in places with poor cell phone reception. Pet trackers from Aorkuler and Petfon, on the other hand, have become popular among pet owners because they don’t rely on cellular reception and don’t have subscription fees. But which pet tracker is worth buying for users?

Petfon Pet Tracker


Petfon’s pet tracker is made up of GPS and radio technology. It does not require the use of cellular networks to transmit location data. So, this pet tracker does not require users to pay a monthly subscription fee.

It also has a geo-fencing feature. Pet owners can set a range of activities to limit their dogs. If the dog runs out of this range, the pet owner’s cell phone will ring an alarm.

In addition to this, it has the feature of viewing the dog’s movement history. The pet owner can view the dog’s traveling data on the phone. By analyzing the data, you can know where the dog likes to play. 

This can increase the closeness between the pet owner and the dog. It allows the pet owner to know more about the dog.


Pet owners using Petfon have to carry the tracker, controller and cell phone. For traveling in environments that already don’t have good cell phone reception, it adds to the hassle for pet owners.

Since Petfon pays more attention to appearance design and reuse cost, all of them adopt the uniform design of built-in antenna, which leads to a certain impact on the signal sensitivity.

This is reflected in:

The electronic fence function of this pet tracker has false alarms. Sometimes the dog doesn’t move, but the owner’s cell phone keeps ringing.

User feedback suggests that its positioning accuracy is also not high. 

On top of that, Petfon’s tracker is not waterproof. Dogs are naughty and like to play in places with water. If the tracker is accidentally submerged in water, it will not work properly. This will pose a threat to the safety of the dog.

Additional Information

The official website of Petfon has not been updated for a long time. The Amazon platform has also taken down its related products. There are also user comments about not being able to download the mobile app.

Based on the above information, we speculate that Petfon is out of production. If users want to buy Petfon, please consider it carefully.

Aorkuler Pet Tracker


Aorkuler’s pet tracker also consists of GPS and radio technology. After the GPS location, the location data gets transmitted through radio technology. There is no cellular network involved in the whole process, so it doesn’t require users to pay a monthly subscription fee.

This pet tracker has sound and night flash features. When the dog is near the pet owner, the pet owner can turn on the sound feature. The tracker will beep and the pet owner can find the dog based on the direction of the sound.

If it is at night, the pet owner can turn on the light function. Then find the dog according to the location of the blinking light. These two functions can assist the pet owner in finding the dog quickly.

Aorkuler pet tracker is also IP67 waterproof. Even if the dog is playing in the puddle, this tracker can still work properly. Pet owners don’t have to worry about their dogs going to places with water when they use the Aorkuler pet tracker.

This product only requires the use of a tracker and controller. It doesn’t need to download a mobile app. Pet owners can reduce the number of devices they carry when taking their dogs out to play.


There is no APP yet, so Aorkuler doesn’t offer features like e-fencing, activity data, etc.

Many users have criticized the Aorkuler’s standby for not being very long, and from our actual testing, it’s more than enough for a great outdoor adventure, but it is really quite short compared to other 4G trackers that enjoy WIFI at home. We understand from Aorkuler’s customer service that the standby time will be improved around this July.


Disregarding the fact that Petfon has been or will soon be discontinued, I think Aorkuler and Petfon pet trackers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Their common advantage is that they do not require a cellular signal or a monthly subscription fee. Petfon is more impressive in terms of product design and app functionality, and Aorkuler has the advantage in signal strength and live tracking experience.

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