Best ways to acquire real estate at affordable rates

The industry of estates never fails to surprise people with lucrative offers and listings. Here, the real estate market in San Antonio Texas is a lucrative one as it sets the pace for getting some interesting properties that can be bought at cheap rates. The statistics are interesting; there are 8.4% of houses in San Antonio Texas that are up for probate sales. 

In addition, about 2.4% of properties are on the verge of foreclosures. Surpassing both distressed and foreclosure properties, the rate of absentee properties is as high as the 20%. These numbers make it clear that the real estate market for an investor like you is optimal as you can buy these for cheap and sell them at the best rate possible. Let’s find in detail what the best ways to buy real estate are.  

What is house flipping?

Flipping houses in San Antonio Texas is a real estate strategy that involves buying homes, renovating them and selling them for profit. The flipper purchases and renovates properties before putting them back on the market to make a profit. With this strategy, investors can generate a steady flow of income by engaging in frequent flips.

Common leads for house flipping in San Antonio Texas

In the following article, we shall be exploring a few ways to generate leads for flipping houses in San Antonio Texas. 

  1. Absentee Owner leads

These are those who do not live actively in the target. These owners are those who pay an annual visit to their houses, or these are properties that are gifted or vacation homes. Absentee owners usually lead out a “To Let” board which you as an investor need to say and seize the opportunity. 

  1. Casher buyer leads

Cash buyer leaders are property owners who are likely to be paid in cash for their properties, making them great leads for real estate investors. This could be a great deal for the investors in San Antonio Texas, as 32% of people are interested in getting their properties sold without seeking any third-party, intervention, and directly selling it off to their designated place. 

  1. Bankruptcy Leads 

Bankruptcy leads are usually motivated sellers, they are property owners, who have recently filed for bankruptcy and are potentially looking to offload their property fast. These properties are on the verge of being withering away, the best way to get rid of these and get all the profit, is to contact these with these properties. 

Flipping houses in San Antonio Texas is filled with opportunities, as 18% of the properties in San Antonio Texas, are bankrupted, so opting for these would be the best if you are looking for Leads to house flipping in San Antonio Texas. 

  1. Tax Delinquent leads 

These delinquent leads are property owners who have recently fallen behind in their property tax payments. Often there are cases that owners of the house are unable to pay the taxes, and on not being able to tax on a specific date (for instance before 1st February, then that property becomes a delinquent). 

As an investor when you have the provision of paying the remaining tax and getting this house at a desired cheap price. The rest unfolds as and when you clear the taxes and are ready to sell these at profitable rates.

  1. Pre-foreclosure leads 

Pre-foreclosure leads are real estate leads that have begun but remained unfinished. But the question here arises when the foreclosure leads or the owner of the property has a default mortgage payment and needs to sell off their property quickly. If they close this foreclosure process quickly, often they get a discounted price. In case you as an investor, you can help these properties get rid of the mortgage and sell them as per your preference. 

  1. Probate sales

Death is undoubtedly remorseful; you lose out on someone forever with no coming back from it. Well, with people leaving us in this world, they also leave us with property with no heir. Therefore, probate sales are those which not only have her but also do not have a caretaker and a will for these houses. Playing the key role as an investor, what you can do is connect with the next akin heir or the executor who can manage or take care of the sale of the home. 

  1. Multiple listing service

A multiple listing service is a database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about several property listings by cooperating with the properties for sale. 

This is a compiled database that all the brokers and potential buyers can visit to connect homebuyers to sellers. In these databases, you can find a list of Zombie property leads as well. These are those properties which underwent the foreclosure process, but the process was not completed due to some legal litigation. 

Or this can also be that the owners of the house left the house at once (without seeking time or another opportunity) when they got a mortgage the house notice. 

This serves the interest of both the listing and selling brokers benefiting by consolidating and sharing information and commissions. These have a high validity score as these are updated regularly by the affiliated brokers and real estate kingpins. 

  1. Auctioning of the Empty land listing

For purchasing and house flipping in San Antonio Texas, auction is a good option. Looking for properties in an auction might sound a little medieval, but you have to trust the process. 

Undoubtedly, relying on search engines, and public records is crucial; just like seasoning, they can add flavour, but cannot be the star of the dish. While buying probate properties one gets to the property at a physical glance and can get a vivid idea of what they are putting their money into. In these auctions, you get several leads where you find empty and vacant lands where nobody lives.

 One can get to know about these auctions from the country website and newspaper, and conversing at any coffee shop with the real estate agents you can gain insights from where to get hold of these auctions at the table. 

  1. Top apps for house flipping in San Antoni Texas

Just the way you have online shopping applications, for cosmetics and other daily essentials, you would be surprised to know that there are applications which can help you flipping houses in San Antonio Texas. Some popular applications include Zillow, Redfin, Property Fixes and many others which will help you gain knowledge about the user interface, from project management and budget tracking to property analysis and deal sourcing, these apps offer a range of features to help you succeed.

How to approach a property for flipping?

Below are listed some ways in which you approach flipping. 

After repair value 

Having an accurate estimate of the after-repair value is responsible for either breaking or making a potential flip. This implies the comparable properties in the area to work out the ARV. Naturally, you will also need to use your judgement when working out with the ARV, but for a quick estimate based on comps in the area. 

In other words, this is the value of the property after being improved, renovated or fixed, this is the estimated future value of the property after being repaired. Just remember one thing, this should have the profit margin so that you don’t lose out on the selling of this flipped property. 

  1. 70% rule 

This is the golden rule for flipping properties in San Antonio Texas. The 70% rule follows a simple principle: an investor should not pay more than 70% of a property’s After Repair Value (ARV) after taking into account the renovation costs. The calculation is simple: make an informed guess of the property’s potential value post-renovation. Make an estimate of the renovation costs. Multiply the post-renovation value by 70% and subtract the renovation costs from it. 

  1. 50 % rule 

The 50% rule is a basic guideline in real estate that suggests that half of the rental property gross income should be estimated to cover the operating expenses. For example, if you have a rental property which generated $30,000 in annual gross rent, keeping in mind the 50% rule you will only spend $15000 in operating expenses, which further leaves another 15000$ in balance as the net operating income. Here you also have to be informed that this 50% rule does not include property taxes, property insurance, vacancy losses and maintenance repairs, utilities 


Being an investor in real estate you will always fish for properties that can be bought at a cheap and can be sold at a higher price. How can you begin the process? For this, you need to go for Flipping houses in San Antonio Texas. Above in the article, there is a comprehensive guide which can help you find the best leads and begin the flipping process reducing all losses, only incurring profit. 

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