Comprehensive Guide to Full Lace Wigs

Lace Wigs

Full lace wig is a high-end wigs,usually made of 100% human hair.The wig is with full lace cap construction and all the hair are hand-tied to the lace one by one, so the price is usually also higher than other wigs in market.

Full lace wigs cap following.

The is the full lace wig cap construction,we usually add a section of elastic on the crown in order to strengthen the cap. If no the section,the lace is tearing off easily.

Features of Full Lace Wigs

  1. Soft lace and comfortable. As the wholesale cap are made of lace and elastic strength,Only the lace layer contact your scarps, so it is more comfortable of wearing this kind of wigs than others.
  2. High ponytail is available. You can create a ponytail or even high ponytail by wearing a full lace wig,while it is impossible for other types of wigs.
  3. Breathability: The lace cap is lightweight and breathable, promoting airflow to the scalp and reducing discomfort during wear.
  4. Durability: High-quality full lace wigs are long-lasting and can withstand regular styling and maintenance. It is not easy to shedding as the hair are tied to lace firmly.
  5. Price is higher. The price of full lace wig is higher than others, it takes more time to processing a full lace wig. So it is usually only for the people who prefer high-end lace wigs.
  6. Hair material. Full lace wigs are normally made of top grade human hair,only healthy and remy hair are collected as full lace wigs’ material.

Top8 Popular Full lace wigs to show.

The following are popular full lace wigs from Findingdream, if you are looking for full lace wigs, the following for your reference.

  1. Straight full lace wigs

2. Full lace wig with bangs

3. Body wave full lace wig

4. Loose wave full lace wig

5. BOB full lace wig

6. Short kinky straight wig

7. Short kinky Curl full lace wig

8. Long kinky curl full lace wigs

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