Custom Printed Tote Bags Trends and Ways They Are Made


Custom printed items are the #1 trend.

Everything we own has become a way to express ourselves or create a team atmosphere through these custom printed items.

Another trend we have been seeing is carrying tote bags.

Tote bags can be used to carry almost anything — like lunches and groceries.

They can even be used as a purse or carry on for traveling.

Today, we will look at tote bag printing as a way to combine the two trends.

We will also discuss various ways your custom design, saying or graphic is printed — including silkscreen printing.

Custom tote bags

With the whole world straying away from plastic bags and other items that are disposable, we are seeing a lot more people using tote bags to haul things in.

They sell tote bags at grocery stores to take the place of the typical grocery bag.

You will often receive a tote bag full of food at the food bank.

Tote bags are even brought to the beach to carry all the things we need or want.

This influx of tote bag use draws us to wanting to ensure that our bag is not like the many others we see.

There are now tote bags with fun pictures, witty sayings, cartoon or anime characters, and even store logos.

When you buy a tote bag you can have it customized, just like any shirt or item of clothing — though some printing methods may not work as well.

How are they made?

So how do they make a custom printed tote bag?

The easiest way to make a custom tote bag is to invert the picture or wording onto it through an iron on or heat treated method.

Majority of custom printed tote bags are made using a version of DTG (Direct to Garment printing).

This involves loading an image or wording onto a computer and printing it onto the bag directly.

Sublimation can also be used to create a long-lasting all over printed pattern.

If you like using old school methods, screen printing, otherwise known as silkscreen printing, is a viable option.

Screen printing includes using several screens and stencils to force the ink onto the bag.

In conclusion, you can use just about any printing method to make a custom printed tote bag, but heat treated methods are the best.

Printing methods that use heat allow for a longer lasting design on tote bags.

Finding the best place to get yours today

When you are looking for a place that does the best tote bag printing, do your research.

Ask family, friends, and neighbors where they go to get their custom printed tote bag.

Search online for places that make tote bags similar to what you want.

Ensure they can work with you efficiently to get the graphics you want on the bag printed in the method you choose.

Look at pictures of their previous work to ensure quality.

Inquire about pricing, and don’t forget to factor in the costs of shipping if ordering online.

After your custom printed tote bag is in your hands, you will have a one-of-a-kind bag to carry with you everywhere.

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