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Burst into the world of online business where everything is accomplished in seconds. Your coffee hasn’t had time to get cold yet, and dozens of customers have booked your company’s services. There are tons of benefits to having a strong presence for construction companies and interior designers. First, it’s an uninterrupted opportunity for clients around the world to read your blog. Second, it’s an increase in profits thanks to convenient ordering and prepayment options. Third, it’s scalability and recognizability. Let’s face it, you want your business to be talked about as the best, right? Then it’s time to take advantage of painting company website templates from TemplateMonster`s marketplace and turn your plans into reality. Flexible items, multi-purpose bases, and unique designs are available for you at pleasant prices. And now we have prepared a detailed guide for you on how to choose the best theme. Sit back and soak up the knowledge!

What Does a Perfect Painting Company Website Template Look Like?

Let’s start with the fact that painting company website templates are a life-saving tool for web designers, coders, and developers. The reason for this is straightforward – you save time and resources by forgetting about developing from scratch. In front of you is a ready-made layout of your website. It covers a nice visual, has a lot of built-in features, and gives unlimited customization options. The perfect theme means the following:

Saving money

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to find an expert in web design, search for all the necessary instruments for the operation. Moreover, starting to develop on your own you won’t need to spend time studying additional materials. Of course, the use of tutorials from YouTube is completely free to you.

Choosing the best CMS 

Website templates are primarily the freedom to pick an engine for development. Want a multi-functional paint and repair gear store? Then enlist the help of Shopify. Looking for a multi-purpose framework to scale your platform? Then WordPress becomes the ultimate solution. Plus, this CMS supports the blog creation. If you want a single resource with a presentation of the services and the main company messages, then prepared landing pages are already rushing to the rescue. So, evaluate your level of preparation and decide which one to pick. 

A unique visual that blows your mind 

It’s probably hard to imagine that in the themes collection, you find a complete match to your corporate style. But it’s a reality because the author chooses color schemes that are the most popular in the construction and repair industry. Because of this, most goods don’t even require a change in appearance. Although, if you want to make some adjustments, then feel free to try tools from the admin panel.

Ease of operation

These products are completely ready to make you forget about the complexities of building pages. Most web solutions include page builders as well as popular extensions and plugins. It makes designing simpler. After all, you are essentially constructing your pages block by block. Moreover, each painting company website template allows editing at the code level. For this, you get clean and valid code that is flexible in changes.

Must-Have Features of Painting Company Website Template?

So, you are presenting the best quality painting and repair jobs. Your team of professionals should be introduced to everyone, and packages with services need visibility at a glance. At the same time, customers want a convenient menu for searching, registering, and ordering. For this, you have to ensure that the theme has the desired features. Let’s break down exactly what kind of functionality helps you:

  • Mobile-adaptive layouts – clients expect the convenience of flipping and using your resource from any device. Most people use smartphones and order services on the go. Give this opportunity to them too! Check how awesome your future web project looks on PCs, tablets, laptops, and iPads.
  • Convenient admin panel – this is the place where all the tools for editing are gathered. The panel opens the possibilities of adjustments and content management. Rest assured that your work and further control of the company website becomes easy.
  • A variety of galleries – sliders, accordions, isotopes, grids, and other types are in charge of beautiful image display. Place pictures of the team, painting and repair process, instruments applied, etc.
  • Page builder – most products come with a drag-and-drop-based builder. You monitor changes in real-time and make adjustments as required.
  • Super bonuses – often developers add thematic image packs, free fonts, icons, and other graphics to enhance your workflow. The offered materials come in high quality, resolution, and in different formats.
  • SEO-optimization – All the basic optimization actions are ready. It ensures high positions in the search engine rankings. So your platform is visible to more people. 
  • Cross-browser support – customers visit your resource from various browsers. Therefore, you must provide compatibility with them so that visitors have access to all blocks and pages of your online business. 

Steps to Edit Home Repair Templates

It’s time to figure out how to customize the painting company website template. We advise you to focus on the following steps to make the result stunning:

  • Selecting the base – focus on your brand identity and select a product. Check that it meets the above criteria. Watch a demo with a view of the solution on a variety of devices. Then proceed to purchase and unzip the files. 
  • Customize the visuals – now we get to the more creative step. Change color schemes, typefaces, headers, footer, and other design elements to match your corporate identity. See in real-time what the changes look like and revert the appearance if necessary.
  • Content editing – replace the demo content with real information about your construction holding company. Handle the text of all pages – homepage, about us, services, pricing plans, customer service center, blog, client feedback, contact details, where to find you, etc. Check that all text clearly and professionally outlines exactly what your business is about. Highlight the main benefits for visitors. 
  • Include images – they should be vivid and real. Clients will appreciate this. Add photos of your completed projects, team, or equipment in operation. 
  • Customize the navigation – check the online project structure. It should be user-friendly and clear for the user.  If desired, create new pages or sections.
  • Social media links – integration with your social media accounts is a must. It further demonstrates your professionalism. Plus, digital marketing is a great way to promote yourself. 
  • After these settings, all you have is to test the result and publish your painting company website. Update content regularly, add new projects and news, and monitor feedback from users to further improve the platform. Voila! 

Let’s be honest, it’s not hard to accomplish at all! Use our tips and repeat them today to have a powerful web presence tomorrow.

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