Ecommerce Website Redesign Costs: What to Expect


Quoting the Ecommerce Website Redesign Costs is quite difficult. The formula is different for every business, depending on size, stage, strategy, budget, and time frame. Let’s now look at these components to get a better understanding.

Should you invest in an eCommerce website? 

Are you thinking about starting an e-commerce website? Customers are shifting to online shopping sites, and e-commerce transactions have been increasing at a high yearly rate. The sky is the limit because internet shopping provides truly limitless convenience. ecommerce platforms can be promoted using a variety of marketing strategies. Like, Limited-time offers, season sales, and product discounts for subscribers are why people shop more.

More than 1.92 billion people shop for products online, and e-commerce has a huge potential customer base. This way, private persons can find themselves with a responsible source of income.

How can you calculate eCommerce Redesign costs?

Many different variables contribute to the overall cost of redesigning an ecommerce website. Some Ecommerce Website Redesign Experts will charge a few hundred dollars, while others cost tens of thousands. 

Define Project Scope

Start by listing the website redesign requirements and your ecommerce website’s specific goals in detail. As part of this process, we should pinpoint the problematic areas, relevant functions, and technical difficulties that must be dealt with, if necessary.

Conduct Research

Explore the design standards and best practices of ecommerce web design to learn the features and functionalities commonly seen in successful online shops worldwide. Hence, it will guide you in aspiring reasonably and setting the right number of expectations.

Obtain Quotes

Moreover, get at least three web dev companies, freelancers, or software solutions to inform the target cost estimates of the selected project. Therefore, let them know with a full briefing document containing the project scope, objectives, and any unusual exigencies.

Break Down Costs

Make the price comprehensible by listing all individual cost elements, including design, implementation, content migration, testing, SEO optimization, and ongoing support. Additionally, it provides a more detailed notion of the expense form.

Consider Customization

Also, listen to the provided audio and summarize the content in your own words. Customizations and bespoke functionalities usually cost more if you opt for custom-made templates or excellent platforms.

Shop theme and design costs

All major eCommerce solutions have eCommerce web design themes for you. Some themes may cost no more than you already pay to use the platform, while others may cost between $60 and $200 each. 

Stores hosted on BigCommerce have access to various free and premium themes. Cornerstone is BigCommerce’s most popular theme, designed for sales and discounts, large catalogs, multipurpose and mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Factor in Time and Resources

Predict duration and resource usage to perform the following steps: design iteration, development sprint, content migration, and testing. First, count on the hourly rate of each profession and make the budget in the same proportion.

Add-on, plugin, and extension costs

Regardless of how hard you are looking, no eCommerce solution fits your needs, no matter how high you rate it. We all know that these add-ons, plugins, and extensions are associated with the corresponding costs.


At BigCommerce, you can choose free add-ons or premium options. A premium add-on can cost different amounts and is usually a paid subscription model. Therefore, compared to Shopify, BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box features can save merchants between $5,800 and $30,000 per year in subscription costs.


Magento add-ons usually require custom development, which can be expensive. It offers thousands of extensions on its marketplace, ranging in price from $0 to $15,000.


Like BigCommerce, Shopify merchants can access hundreds of free and premium apps, the cost of which depends on the app itself.


The costs of redesigning an ecommerce website should be fully understood by every business that seeks to improve its online visibility. With a balanced approach to project dimension, individualized needs, and extra costs such as themes and extras, companies can conduct precise budget estimation. In the final analysis, carrying out an excellent redesign by following the aforementioned guidelines can bring substantial benefits such as increased user experience, sales growth, and competitiveness in the fast-growing e-business industry.

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