Exploring the Best Cake brands in the USA and Europe

Calling all the sweet tooths! Are you a cake lover craving for yummy and delicious cakes? If yes, then forget the boring bakery cakes. 

Try the perfectly baked innovative and fresh cake flavors with a balanced amount of sweetness, moisture, and softness by the top brands. Do not worry if you are confused about choosing the perfect brand according to your preferences. Let us explore the truly amazing cake treats offered by the best cake brands in America and Europe.

Top 3 Cake Brands in the USA

It’s a house of cakes, sweets, and chocolates. Different cake brands here cater to different customer preferences in the USA. However, the following are 3 randomly selected brands that are offering the yummiest cakes in America:

  1. Crixa Cakes

Serving for almost 25 years, Crixa Cakes is an American-based as well as Europe-based company in California. They provide original flavors created from pure ingredients. What’s more! They offer cakes free from gluten, dairy, nuts, and eggs. 

For gluten-free options they have Bizet with cream, Pave Vergiate, and Poppy Seed walnut cake. Their Tiramisu Cake is one of their best cakes. Besides that, they have Amaretti cream cake, Apple cake, Ginger cake, etc. Do try their pie, pastries, and cookies. 

  1. Betty Bakery

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Betty Bakery claims to offer delicious treats that we used to eat from our grandma’s kitchen. Betty’s cake offers wonderful flavors including Red Velvet, Carrot cake, Confetti cake, Strawberry cake, etc. Want to try gluten-free treats?

Do check out their gluten-free and vegan cakes. It is a perfect place for enjoying savory cakes with their flavorful icing presented in custom cake boxes. Do not forget to try their range of cupcakes like simple cupcakes, unicorn cupcakes, etc., and their pies.

  1. Macrina Bakery

Macrina Bakery is owned by the renowned chef Leslie Mackie who has made her dream into reality by providing premium quality treats. It is among the list of the 21 Best Bakeries in Seattle provided by the Female Foodie blog. Experience the moist, not-too-sweet, fluffy texture of the mouth-watering Red Velvet cake, Carrot cake, Whisper cake, Tuxedo cake, etc. From their cupcakes menu are Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cupcake, Queen’s Cake, Mini Lemon Lavender Mousse Cake, etc.

Top 3 Cake Brands in Europe

Like the USA, top brands’ lists of cake providers also  vary due to different factors. However, the following are the top 3 brands that are providing the delicious cakes in Europe:

  1. Pasticceria Marchesi (Milan)

Marchesi has been a renowned hub of European Pastries since 1824. It offers a collection of exotic cupboard cakes plus their traditional classic cakes. Every piece of cake is a carefully thought selection of the best classical pastry revisited by their Master Pastry Chefs. 

Experience the melting taste of their Cheesecake, Aurora cake, Pumpkin cake, Chocolate Aurora cake, and much more. Some of its premium cakes presented in custom cake boxes with windows include Fantasia al Pistacchio cake, Fantasia al Cioccolato cake, Raspberry Sacher Torte cake, Apricot Sacher-Torte cake etc. 

  1. Lily Vanilli (London)

A home to the cakes, Lily Vanilli, is known for its quality and innovative designs. They use organic ingredients like molasses, chocolate and cocoa, organic flour, sea salt, unsalted butter, free-range eggs, seasonal fruit, and flowers. Some of their best cakes are Bleeding Heart Cake, Glitter Bombshell, Silver Cake with Cherries, and many more. If you are looking for a delicious cake provider for your special occasions do try out their cakes. They also offer kids cakes with different customization options.

  1. Flavourtown Bakery (London)

A hub of iconic layer cakes and cupcakes, Flavourtown Bakery, offers a multiverse of cakes characterized by perfect bakes. Their cake menu is vast so everyone can choose whatever they want. The main categories of their cakes are Rainbow, Unicorn, Vegan, Free From Gluten, Double Tiered, Heart Cakes, Birthday, Photo Cakes, Baby Shower cakes, etc. There is a range of fresh cupcakes from mini cupcakes to vegan to gluten-free cakes, etc.

Comparison of Cakes: USA Vs. Europe

The cakes of both America and Europe are of premium quality. However, there are some differences. European people prefer less sweetness in cakes than American people. Americans use bleached flour in the making of cakes while Europeans prefer using this flour without bleach. In Europe, chefs also add a wide variety of ingredients like nuts, almond flour, etc.  Apart from the custom cake box packaging in both the UK and USA is different due to customer preferences.

In short, the premium quality and love for cakes remain the same, no matter what the occasion, culture, customer needs, flavors, ingredients, etc. Hence, we can say although there are differences in the cake-making process of the USA and Europe the craving for sweetness remains the same.

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