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Need help with sluggish downloads? Mac deserves better! Open the full potential of your Mac with our curated selection of top-rated torrent clients. Our handpicked options ensure that you get the best torrent client Mac. Quick downloads and efficient sharing await. Take control; it’s download time!

In-built torrent Search

  • Integrated Torrent Search: Easily find torrents directly within Folx without browsing multiple websites. Simply input your search query, and Folx aggregates results from various torrent trackers supported by the downloader.
  • Search and Download Torrents: Easily select and download torrents from the search results within Folx. Type your desired keyword, choose the file you want, and initiate the download with a simple click.
  • Dependable Mac Torrent Client: Folx is a trustworthy Mac torrent client that ensures seamless downloading and sharing experiences. Advanced features such as scheduling, prioritization, and speed adjustment increase the download process.
  • Access Magnet Links: Folx fully supports magnet links commonly found on torrent sites. By clicking on a magnet link within a webpage, Folx initiates the download process without requiring the user to download a separate torrent file.

Folx Mac Downloader Features

Browser Integration

  • Folx easily integrates with Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome browsers. It can automatically capture download links, and you can customize which file types Folx can intercept. Additionally, installing the Folx extension enables convenient options like “Download With Folx” directly from your browser’s context menu.

Direct Downloads using Proxy

  • Folx supports direct downloads using proxy servers. This feature provides advantages like enhanced privacy, security, and bandwidth savings. You can configure proxy settings within Folx to suit your preferences.


  • Folx is equipped with multi-threading support, allowing downloads to be split into up to 20 simultaneous threads. This significantly improves download speeds by initiating multiple connections to the same server.

Adjustable Speed

  • Folx features intelligent speed control, automatically adjusting download or upload speeds based on internet traffic from other applications or browsers. This ensures a satisfactory browsing experience while Folx efficiently manages downloads in the background.

Task Scheduling

  • With Folx Pro’s scheduling feature, you gain complete control over your downloads. Set specific start and finish times for tasks, and choose actions like shutting down the computer or quitting Folx upon completion. Folx can even start automatically when your computer is on, executing assigned tasks without requiring direct input.

Apple Music Playlists Creation

  • Folx Pro offers integration with Apple Music, allowing you to automatically add media files marked with specific tags to your Music library. This feature simplifies organization and ensures your favorite tracks are readily accessible.


Upgrade your Mac’s torrenting experience with our top picks. Enjoy faster downloads and smoother sharing with tailored features. Make slow downloads a thing of the past. Choose the perfect torrent client for your Mac and take charge of your downloads now.


Better than uTorrent for Mac?

Transmission, qBittorrent, and Deluge are popular alternatives.

Is torrenting okay on Mac?

Yes, if used legally and responsibly.

Is torrent for Mac available?

Yes, it was developed by BitTorrent, Inc.

What is Folx Mac?

Folx is a download manager and Mac torrent client.

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