How do you use kratom tablets?


In the world of hustle, every person wants to get peace, and anxiety and depression are at their peak. Is there any analgesic opioid-like medicinal herb with few side effects as compared to morphine nicotine? Yes, this botanical herb is called kratom.

Kratom contains Mitragynine alkaloid that directly interacts with CNS and provides positive vibes, boost energy, relieve pain, and give peace of mind.

There are different ways to take kratom, but the exact dosage is essential for the proper functioning of kratom.

Kratom is taken as a Powder, tablets, capsules, and strains. What is the most effective and controlled method to take kratom, that is, tablets? Let’s unload facts about kratom tablets.

What are kratom tablets:

Do you know that the most authentic way to take kratom is in tablet form? Kratom tablets are an easy way to take kratom in exact quantities with portability. These tablets are made by compressing the kratom leaves or kratom strains of Powder in tablet form.

Kratom tablets have lessened the chance of overdosage by giving a convenient way to take kratom tablets with water or beverages.

Note: Keep in mind that the FDA has not given kratom tablets as legally best and is still banned in many countries.

Types of Kratom tablets:

Kratom tablets are also consumed as a withdrawal from harmful poid medicines. There are different types of Kratom Tablets, which are made by mixing various proportions of kratom strains (red, green, white). Each tablet has its own dosage and health concerns. Let’s discuss kratom tablets.

1-White Vein:

  • Best for athletes.
  • Made from white strain.
  • Boost energy and enhance focus.


  • Best for severe pain.
  • Serve as an analgesic.
  • Relieves the mind from stress.

3-Green Vein

  • It is made from Green strain powder.
  • Gives mental peace and positive energy.
  • It is best for athletes to relieve fatigue and stress.


  • Best known for stimulating effects.
  • One dose can enhance focus and give energizing effects.
  • Stimulate CNS receptors to be focused.

5-Red Vein

  • Best for soothing issues and insomnia.
  • Decrease corticosteroids- and relax your mind.
  • It is made from red strains of kratom.
Do you KnowKratom strains are veins of the kratom tree. As the tree progresses in its life cycle, kratom tree veins change color. Each strain has its medicinal importance.

8 ways to use Kratom tablets

Using kratom tablets is a little bit difficult for those who have issues swallowing the pills. Kratom tablets are taken just like other tablets. If you are new to the world of kratom, just remember the listed ways of kratom and make your journey fruitful. 

1_Use with water: 

The use of botanical herb tablets is straightforward. Just swallow it like you use other tablets. It may be difficult for Pro users of kratom who take large tablets daily. However, taking a tablet with water is the most authentic way to use it. Place a tablet on your tongue and take a sip of water. The tablet will quickly move to the esophagus and then into the stomach. Never try to chew the tablet.

2_kratom tea:

Amazingly, you can also use a kratom tablet with tea, or you can make tea from a kratom tablet.

 Select the type of atom strain that you want. Then, grind it and add it to the hot water, not the boiling water. Make tea and get all the benefits of this medicinal herb.

3_Favourite Smoothie Blend:

If you are irritated by the smell of a kratom tablet so, don’t worry. Just Crush the tablet and mix it with your favorite smoothie drink and get all the opioid results within a few hours.


For some kratom users, it is convenient to take a kratom in the form of a capsule. That’s why you have to grind the tablet, make the Powder, and put it into the capsule. 

There are a wide variety of empty kratom capsules that may be in the veggie flavor available in the market. It will be the most convenient method to use your kratom tablet and easily portable. This method provides easy injection with a pleasing Aroma.

5_Take with yogurt

Do you love creamy, cheesy yogurt? If yes, you can also take a kratom tablet with the yogurt. Just take a tablet, mix it with the yogurt, and enjoy your favorite creamy yogurt along with kratom. 

6_Juices as a source of kratom

To mask the taste of a kratom tablet, you may crush the kratom tablet and mix it with your favorite juice. Enjoy the juice along with its medicinal effects on the CNS.

7-Blended form.

Are you facing difficulty in swallowing the tablet or capsule of kratom? So don’t worry. Just crush the tablet and make the Powder easier to swallow than the pills or tablets.

8-Honey Coating:

Another great way to take the kratom tablet is honey coating. If you enjoy eating honey, just coat the thick layer of honey on a kratom tablet, and it will Mask the taste and Aroma of kratom. So you will enjoy the honey along with pain-relieving effects.

Note: Kratom tablets are a perfect way to enhance your energy and Boost Your focus, but sometimes it becomes challenging to swallow the tablet due to its irritating sharp smell or large dosage.

 Therefore, you can use the following methods to swallow the tablet easily.

Benefits of kratom tablets

Here are a few benefits of Kratom tablets.

  • There are few health risks to using this botanical herb.
  • Best for enhancing positive energy and relieving fatigue.
  • They are preferred by athletes to lower the stress and be focused.
  • They are used as an opioid analgesic as a withdrawal of other potent opioids.
  • It is best for depression and anxiety patients as it has few health concerns.


Last, but not least, try to choose the way of kratom usage that is easy for you. Kratom tablets have few side effects and are considered the best therapy for depression and anxiety. 

Try to use the preferred dose recommended by the doctor, never use an overdose that will be negative for your health.

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1-Which Kratom tablet is best for athletes to boost their energy?

Both green Vein and white Vein are perfect for energy-boosting and mind-relaxing effects.

2- What are the effects of overdosage of Kratom tablets?

  • Stomach upset
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Loss of appetite

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