How Many Jedi Survived Order 66 In Star Wars?

Order 66 was a tragic event in the Star Wars universe; it marked the near-extermination of the Jedi Order. Emperor Palpatine issued the command; he turned the clone troopers against their Jedi generals. Many Jedi were killed without warning; the exact number of survivors is hard to pinpoint. It is believed that only a handful escaped the purge.

But who were these survivors? One of the most famous is Obi-Wan Kenobi, who hid on Tatooine. Another notable survivor is Yoda, who escaped to Dagobah. There were others, like Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano. They avoided capture and lived in secrecy; their survival was crucial. They kept the hope of the Jedi Order alive.

The impact of Order 66 was massive; it changed the galaxy forever. The Jedi were guardians of peace and justice; their near-extinction left a void. It allowed the Empire to rise unchallenged, the survivors carrying a heavy burden. They held the legacy of the Jedi; their stories are a testament to resilience and hope.

Notable Jedi Who Escaped Order 66

When Order 66 struck, many Jedi met their fate. But some notable Jedi managed to escape the purge. One such Jedi was Kanan Jarrus, a survivor who later became a crucial member of the Rebel Alliance. Kanan went into hiding, afflicted his name, and lived as a rogue for years. He trained Ezra Bridger, passing on Jedi knowledge in secret.

Another remarkable escapee was Ahsoka Tano, former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. She wasn’t officially a Jedi during Order 66, but she was still targeted. Ahsoka lived on the fringes, aiding the Rebel cause discreetly. These survivors agitated the legacy of the Jedi, a befitting achievement animated in aphotic times. Their beliefs affect generations, assuming animation adjoins cutting odds.

Known Survivors of Order 66

After the execution of Order 66, a few Jedi managed to survive. Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi Padawan, narrowly escaped the massacre. She hid her true identity, staying out of the Empire’s reach. Surviving Order 66, she kept her lightsabers hidden, biding her time. Ahsoka lived in the shadows, aiding rebels and fighting injustice.

Another known survivor was Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi Knight turned rebel leader. He changed his name, hiding from the Empire’s wrath. Kanan trained Ezra Bridger in the ways of the Force. Together, they fought against the tyranny of the Empire. These survivors, though few, kept the Jedi spirit alive in dark times. Their courage and resilience inspire hope in a galaxy under the Emperor’s rule. 

Jedi Masters Who Survived Order 66

After the tragic events of Order 66, some Jedi Masters managed to escape. They hid in distant planets, waiting for the right time to return. These masters, like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, stayed undercover for years. They kept their jedi lightsabers hidden, their identities a secret.

Living in seclusion, they trained new Jedi quietly, away from the Empire’s eyes. Some taught through visions, guiding Padawans in the Force. Despite the danger, they believed in the hope of a new generation. Their survival stories inspired rebels and ignited hope across the galaxy. These Jedi Masters, resilient and wise, became legends of the resistance. Their courage in the face of darkness kept the flame of the Jedi alive.

Jedi Padawans Who Evaded Order 66

When Order 66 struck, some Jedi Padawans escaped. They used cunning to survive. Hiding in plain sight, they avoided the Empire’s gaze. Many went underground, blending with ordinary citizens. Disguised in humble garb, they moved silently through crowds. Their lightsabers were tucked away, a secret only they knew. 

These survivors learned new skills, adapting to their new lives. From traders to farmers, they played their roles well. Yet, they are constantly vigilant, watching for any sign of danger. For the Empire never ceased its hunt, seeking Jedi remnants. The Padawans who evaded Order 66 became legends, whispered among rebels. Their stories passed down a spark of hope in dark times.

Hidden Jedi Survivors After Order 66

After Order 66, some Jedi went into hiding. Keeping their lightsaber hidden, many changed their names and appearances. Some lived on remote planets. They avoided the Empire’s eyes. They helped quietly when needed. A few trained new Jedi in secret. These survivors always stayed cautious. They knew the danger well. The Force guided them stealthily. Patience was their closest friend. Their hope never wavered, though. They believed in a brighter future. These hidden Jedi kept the spirit alive.

In the shadows, they waited patiently. Their presence has yet to be discovered by most. Stories of their bravery were whispered. A reminder of hope in despair. Sometimes, they intervened discreetly. They were helping those in desperate need. Their sacrifices are unseen but vital. The Force still flowed through them. A quiet strength persisted within despite the Empire’s ruthless grip. The legacy of the Jedi endured. Hidden but never forgotten heroes. Order 66 could not be erased.

Legends and Myths Surrounding Jedi After Order 66

After the devastating Order 66, legends swirled around the Jedi. Stories whispered of their mysterious powers, their courage, and their downfall. Many believed they could move objects with their minds alone. Some said they could see the future before it happened. These tales grew wilder with each telling, spreading across galaxies.

But myths also shrouded the Jedi, painting them as rebels or saviors. Some claimed they could vanish into thin air when danger approaches. Others said they could heal the sick with a touch. Yet, amidst the legends, one truth remained: the Jedi, once great protectors, were no more. Their legacy lingered in the shadows, a reminder of when hope burned brightest.

Jedi Temples and Their Impact Post Order 66

After the devastating events of Order 66, Jedi Temples faced a profound change. Many were destroyed and turned into symbols of a bygone era. The impact rippled across the galaxy, leaving a void where once peacekeepers stood. Surviving temples became hidden, shrouded in secrecy to protect those within.

Yet, their legacy endured, whispered among those who dared to hope. The temples, though fewer, still held the echoes of ancient wisdom. Some became beacons for the lost, a sanctuary in a galaxy darkened by fear. They continued to shape destinies in small ways, guiding the next generation of Force-sensitive beings toward a future they could forge. The Jedi Temples, though scarred, remained a testament to the resilience of hope in the face of tyranny.

Challenges Faced by Jedi After Order 66

After Order 66, the Jedi faced formidable challenges. The Empire hunted many. They had to hide to survive. No longer trusted, they were on the run. Some changed their identities completely. Living in secrecy became their way. They couldn’t use their lightsabers openly. It was too risky, attracting attention. The loss of their Jedi friends was painful. Betrayed by comrades, they once trusted. Some struggled with their past, haunted. Trusting anyone became hard for them. They had to blend in to survive.

Surviving meant new skills were needed. Many learned to disguise themselves well. They worked as regular people, unnoticed. The Force had to be hidden carefully. They were avoiding the Empire’s keen eyes. Even in their silence, they hoped. They hoped for a time when they could return. But the pain of loss lingered. The Order they knew was gone forever. Yet, a spark of hope remained. Somewhere in the galaxy, change stirred. The Jedi waited for a new dawn.


Q. How many Jedi survived Order 66?

A. Approximately 100 Jedi survived Order 66.

Q. Did any Jedi manage to escape the purge?

A. Yes, a few Jedi escaped the Empire’s pursuit.

Q. Were there any Jedi who survived secretly?

A. Yes, some Jedi lived in hiding for years.

Q. Did any Jedi return after Order 66?

A. Yes, a few Jedi returned to fight the Empire later on.

Q. Were all Jedi hunted down after Order 66?

A. The Empire hunted down most Jedi, but some remained hidden.


In the aftermath of Order 66, few Jedi survived. A handful escaped the purge. The once mighty Order was shattered. Lost in the shadows, they hid. Counted among the forgotten, they remained elusive. Yet, their legacy endured quietly. Tales of their bravery whispered in corners. The galaxy mourned their fall. But hope flickered in their perseverance. Though their numbers were few, their spirit lived on. A reminder of what once was, and among the relics of their past, the Count Dooku Jedi lightsaber symbolized their enduring strength. A promise of what could be again. The surviving Jedi held onto hope.

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