How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water Fast

Clear Cloudy Pool Water

It is essential to clean cloudy pool water to maintain the quality of the water, and the experience of the users. Cloudy pool water indicates harmful bacteria and algae. Here are some tips to get your swimming pool water sparkling clean again:

Check and Balance Chemical Levels

Adjust pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels to the recommended levels while taking into consideration other factors that may be necessary. The pool water can turn cloudy, leading to other worse issues because of improper chemical balancing. Probably the most confusing part for individuals is balancing chemicals. It is important to hire a professional pool cleaning company to help you do the job.

Shock Your Pool

Shocking the amount of bacteria, algae, and other pollution that may cause the cloudiness is an activity that must be done in a pool. Select a shock treatment depending on the size of your pool and follow up entirely with the instructions. Try to start this in the evening or at night when the sun won’t evaporate the surprising shots one by one. To go with the previous point, you might want to include an advanced shock treatment that has various clarifiers to help clear up water faster.

Brush and Vacuum

Brushing the walls and floor of your pool removes the debris and detached algae that may be attached to the surfaces. Use a type of brush made for your pool type, i.e, whether your pool type is concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass and scrub it thoroughly. After you brush everything, it is time for you to vacuum the pool to take out the loosened waste. A manual or automatic pool vacuum will, therefore, help to transform a daunting task into an effortless one. Doing a few manual chores may not be a problem for you. If it is, you may always opt to hire a Pool Cleaning Service in Phoenix.

Clean or Replace Filters

Blocked filters can stand in the heat exchange and lead to the misty appearance of water. When your pool filters are wearing out, consider replacing them to ensure better filtration performance. Routine filter maintenance on yours will help keep the water clean and save you a lot of money. In the event that you are not sure how to clean or replace your filters or drain, refer to a professional pool cleaning service, which can help.

Run the Pump Longer

Watering the swimming pool can increase the volume of water flow, resulting in clearer water faster. If your water is less clear, you need to run the pump for times that long, ideally 24 hours a day if the water needs to be clear. Continuous circulation helps distribute chemicals evenly and avoid excessive algae growth. Turn on the circulating pump at a higher speed setting if you have a variable-speed pump. This will make the water treatment system more effective. To make your pump perform at peak levels, arrange for a maintenance check every month or choose a specialist for pool cleaning in Phoenix.

Use Clarifiers

Pool clarifiers are chemical solutions that add up to tiny particles in the water pool, making it easier for the filter to trap them. A pool clarifier application can, sometimes, shorten the time it takes to rid the water of cloudiness. Follow the instructions for the dosage and application method. One should note not to overdose on clarifiers, because this can lead to additional cloudiness or other issues. Remember the help of professionals if you are a beginner and you are afraid of making mistakes while using the bacteria.

Monitor and Maintain

Next, when your swimming pool water is clear, it is of prime importance to manage proper chemical composition and sanitization in order to avoid subsequent cloudy water. Frequently check and change chemicals, vacuum filters, and skim the surface for debris. Establishing consistent pool maintenance is the key to bringing the water in your pool to its best quality during the swimming season. If you can’t spend time and effort on pool maintenance yourself or lack the skills to do so, opting for a pool cleaning service that will assist with maintenance should be considered.

Final thoughts

Cloudy pool water clearing requires a combination of chemical treatment, filtration, and regular maintenance.  By complying with these tips and hiring a professional pool cleaning service when needed, one can get healthy, crystal-clear water and a safe swimming environment throughout the season.

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