How to Divert SMS from Another Number to My Number


Have you ever experienced the frustration of missing text messages because they are sent to a frequently used number?. Do you juggle phone numbers and wish to consolidate all your messages in one place? Whether its, for convenience or organization knowing how to redirect SMS from another number to your own can be incredibly helpful. This article will walk you through the steps to ensure you stay on top of your messages without any hiccups and we’ll also touch on the subject of how to see my husband’s text messages without his phone for free.

Understanding SMS Forwarding

So what is SMS forwarding? It’s a feature that allows you to automatically reroute text messages from one number to another. This comes in handy if you have work and personal phones but prefer not to lug both around all day. It’s also beneficial for businesses handling customer communications or individuals who want message continuity, across devices.

Legal Considerations

Before delving into the aspects it’s crucial to address the implications of SMS forwarding. While forwarding your messages is typically permissible redirecting someone Messages without their consent can breach privacy regulations and result in legal repercussions. Always verify that you have authorization and are adhering to laws and guidelines.

Requirements for SMS Forwarding

Before you can begin forwarding SMS messages it’s important to ensure that your device and network provider support this functionality. The majority of smartphones including both Android and iPhone models come equipped with some form of message forwarding capability. Moreover many network providers offer services to assist in setting up SMS forwarding. However the availability and features may vary so it’s advisable to check with your provider.

Ways to Redirect SMS Messages

There are methods for redirecting SMS messages from one number to another:

Utilizing Built-in Phone Functions

For Android Devices:

Most Android smartphones come with a built in feature specifically designed for SMS forwarding. You can typically locate this feature within the settings menu under messages or a similar category.

For iPhones:

Similarly iPhones provide an option, for SMS forwarding through the settings menu. This feature is usually located under “Messages”. Then “Text Message Forwarding.”

Third-Party Applications

If your phone doesn’t support built-in SMS forwarding, or if you need more advanced features, there are plenty of third-party apps available. Apps like “MightyText” and “Pushbullet” are popular choices.

Popular Apps for SMS Forwarding:

– MightyText

– Pushbullet

– SMS Forwarder

How to Set Up Third-Party Apps:

1. Download and install the app from your app store.

2. Open the app and follow the setup instructions.

3. Configure the app to forward SMS to your desired number.

Network Provider Services

Certain network providers offer SMS forwarding services. You can reach out to your provider to inquire about this service and get instructions, on how to activate it.

Contacting Your Service Provider:

Get in touch with customer support for assistance in setting up SMS forwarding.

Setting Up SMS Forwarding Through Your Carrier:

Follow the guidelines provided by your carrier to enable SMS forwarding on your account.

Step by Step Instructions for Android

1. Accessing the Settings:

  Go to your phone’s settings. Locate the messages or SMS section.

2. Enabling SMS Forwarding:

  Look for an option such as “SMS forwarding” or “Forward messages” and turn it on.

3. Testing the Setup:

  Send a test message to ensure that it is being forwarded correctly.

Step by Step Instructions for iPhone

1. Navigating iPhone Settings:

  Open the settings app. Navigate to “Messages.”

2. Setting Up Message Forwarding:

  Choose “Text Message Forwarding”. Select the devices you wish to forward messages to.

3. Verification and Testing:

  Confirm the setup by sending a test message.

Using Apps from External Sources

Selecting the Right App:

Think about the features you require, like being able to use it on devices or having added security measures.

Installing and Setting Up the App:

Get the app from a trusted source, install it on your device and then follow the setup guide provided.

Pros and Cons of Using External Apps:

 Advantages: Offers functionalities, supports devices provides better security.

 Disadvantages: Possible expenses involved concerns regarding privacy potential issues with reliability.

Services Offered by Service Providers

How to Activate SMS Forwarding:

Reach out to your network providers’ customer service for assistance.

Steps for Configuration:

Follow the instructions they give; this might involve entering codes or adjusting settings online.

Costs and Limitations:

Certain providers may charge for SMS forwarding. There could also be restrictions on which numbers you can forward messages.

Security Tips

Protecting Your Data:

Always use secure and trusted apps to avoid data breaches.

Secure SMS Forwarding Practices:

Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication where possible.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

SMS Not Forwarding:

Ensure the forwarding feature is enabled and properly configured.

Delays in Receiving Forwarded SMS:

Check your network connection and the settings in your forwarding app.

Conflicts with Other Apps:

Disable or uninstall other apps that might interfere with SMS forwarding.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Automating SMS Forwarding:

Use automation tools like IFTTT to create advanced forwarding rules.

Integrating SMS Forwarding with Other Services:

Sync your forwarded messages with email or cloud services for better management.

Benefits of SMS Forwarding

Convenience in Managing Messages:

Handle all your messages from a single device.

Ensuring No Important Message Is Missed:

Stay on top of all communications without juggling multiple phones.

Centralizing Communications:

Streamline your workflow by consolidating messages.

Potential Drawbacks

Security Risks:

Forwarding SMS can expose your messages to potential breaches.

Additional Costs:

Some services and apps may charge for forwarding features.

Technical Limitations:

Not all devices and carriers support SMS forwarding.


SMS forwarding is a powerful tool for managing multiple phone numbers and ensuring you never miss an important message. Whether you use built-in features, third-party apps, or services from your network provider, there’s a solution that can meet your needs. Just remember to consider the legal and security implications, and choose the method that works best for you.


Can I forward SMS from any number?

  • Generally, you can forward SMS from any number you have access to, but it’s important to have permission if it’s not your own number.

Is SMS forwarding safe?

  • It can be safe if you use trusted apps and secure practices, but there are risks involved, so always stay vigilant.

Are there any costs involved in SMS forwarding?

  • Some methods, especially through network providers or third-party apps, may involve costs.

Can I forward SMS to multiple numbers?

  • Yes, many third-party apps allow you to forward SMS to multiple numbers.

What should I do if SMS forwarding stops working?

  • Check your settings, ensure your app or service is functioning properly, and contact support if necessary.

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