Integrating the latest innovations in Carpuride W603 technology

Carpuride has become a game-changer in global car audio technology, developing the best and most advanced automotive entertainment products. However, one of our goals now is to also provide a multi-type product portfolio covering motorcycles, continue to meet the changing needs of the market, and combine innovative products to make riding exciting.

Carplay enabled: Redefining connectivity on wheels

On the one hand, Carplay is a unique system that changes your relationship with your motorcycle. Carpuride W603 is compatible with both Apple phones and Android phones, which is a great thing. It makes it easier to connect your phone to the system interface. The navigation and driving function is essential and very convenient.

With the Carpuride W603: Experience the freedom of riding on two wheels

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the Carpuride brand offers a new product, the W603, a waterproof outdoor screen specially designed for motorcycle use. In addition to the 5- and 7-inch versions, the 6-inch W603 unit will enchant you with its smooth and fast response times.

Carpuride W603: Offering maximum convenience in motorcycle riding

Put the Carpuride W603, a weatherproof motorcycle Carplay display built to exacting standards, at your disposal. The new W603 with its light-sensing function – attracts a new trend in motorcycle products with its new functions and accessories.

Enhanced riding experience

Wireless connectivity pairs your phone wirelessly with the Carpuride W603. With zero effort, you can instantly enjoy the freedom of smartphone connection anytime, anywhere, while reducing the losses and risks of using your mobile phone. The W603 bike offers uninterrupted streaming music and navigation systems on the go, with voice search for navigation routes, and they are connected in such a way that the rider can have an uninterrupted experience.

Safety First, Always

The Carpuride W603 now allows simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity with two types of listeners on the road: motorcycle helmets and headphones. This move aims to provide drivers with convenient and safe road use. Relying on two main cameras and a driving recorder, it provides an unparalleled view of the surrounding environment and a high level of confidence.

Navigate with confidence

Say goodbye to outdated phone holders and distractions now. The Carpuride W603 comes with an interior navigation system, allowing you to focus on the road and not get lost, with such a clear, deep touchscreen in front of you.

Unlock the Power of Carpuride

Feeling tempted? Carpuride stands for motorcycle innovation and automotive system unification. Work with us to take your current riding experience to the next level! Check out our official portal

( to find different products designed to spice up your driving time.

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