Twice Light Stick: The Ultimate Symbol of Love for ONCEs

Twice Light Stick


Imagine yourself in a sea of bright lights, all of which are pulsating in time with memorable music. This is no ordinary concert; this is a Twice concert, where the twice light stick is an essential component of the whole experience, not merely an accessory. For those who are unfamiliar with K-pop, Twice is a South Korean girl trio that has won over fans’ hearts all over the world with her captivating performances and catchy music. Light sticks are more than simply stylish flashlights in the K-pop community; they are representations of harmony, affection, and support for one’s favorite stars.

History of the Twice Light Stick

Alongside the ensemble, Twice Light Stick, dubbed “Candy Bong,” made its premiere, signifying the special bond between Twice and its ONCE fans. It has changed throughout time, adding new features and designs with each iteration, which has made them all highly sought after by enthusiasts.

Design and Features

The Twice Light Stick, shaped like a sweet lollipop, is well-known for its striking pattern and vivid hues. Beyond appearances, the light stick’s features, which improve the concert-going experience, include color changing and coordination with lights. The Candy Bong distinguishes itself from other K-pop light sticks with its distinctive style and functional characteristics.

How to Use the Twice Light Stick

Although using the light stick is simple, there are a few tips to maximize its effectiveness. Our guide will show you how to light up your environment with the Candy Bong, from installing the battery to synchronizing it with your phone. We also have some helpful advice on how to maintain its brilliance for many years to come.

The Role of Light Sticks in Concerts and Events

The Candy Bong becomes a part of a bigger show at a Twice performance, sending colorful waves across the audience. This is a method for fans to participate in the event and create a captivating display that brings everyone in the stadium together, not only to express support.

Purchasing Guide

Imitations are commonplace, and the Twice Light Stick is no exception. We’ll walk you through how to spot the real stuff, steer clear of fakes, and obtain this necessary piece of fan apparel at a price that won’t break the bank.

Twice Light Stick in Fandom Culture

The Candy Bong is more to ONCEs than simply stuff; it’s a memento, a concert partner, and a representation of their commitment to Twice. We’ll tell fan stories about the significance of the light stick in their lives and how it has influenced their path into the Twice fandom.


More than simply a fan accessory, the Twice light stick is a symbol of love and support for one of the most popular K-pop groups. The Candy Bong is a symbol of the unbreakable relationship between Twice and ONCEs, whether you’re holding it during a listening session at home, waving it at a performance, or proudly putting it on your shelf. One thing is certain as we anticipate more performances and light stick iterations: ONCE’s light will always shine brilliantly, no matter where they are on the globe.

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