Ulike Air 10 vs Shavers: Which is Better Hair Removal Solution?

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, marveling at the celebrities’ seemingly poreless complexions? Their foundation glides on effortlessly, leaving a flawless, airbrushed finish that makes you yearn for the same.  Well, fret no more! The internet offers a plethora of solutions, and two methods have recently gained significant traction: Shaving and the Ulike Air 10.

Shaving, a practice with a long history, promises a smoother base by removing peach fuzz.  The Ulike Air 10, on the other hand, takes a more high-tech approach, utilizing IPL technology to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Intrigued (and perhaps a touch desperate), by the possibilities, I decided to put my face (and patience) to the test to see if shaving or Ulike Air 10 could be my new skincare secret weapon. Can shaving truly deliver a flawless makeup base, or will it leave your skin feeling worse for wear?  Is the Ulike Air 10 a revolutionary tool, or just another hyped-up beauty gadget?

Join me on this journey to unpack the truth behind these two methods, exploring the science behind each method, its effectiveness, and ease of use.  We’ll separate fact from fiction, revealing the true potential of each method. 

My Great shaving experience

For years, my facial hair was a non-issue. But recently, I noticed some unwelcome guests – thicker, darker hairs around my jawline and cheeks. On top of that, dry patches plagued my skin, making exfoliation a nightmare. Shaving, with its promise of baby-smooth skin and a flawless base for makeup, seemed like a dream come true.

Ignoring tutorials (gotta learn from experience, right?), I raided my fiance’s shaving cream (hey, it worked!) and armed myself with a fresh razor blade. The eyebrow area was off-limits – one slip, and disaster awaited. My focus was on the cheeks, chin, jawline, and upper lip.

Lathering up, I began with my cheeks, the smoothest part of my face. Being acne-prone, I shaved with the utmost caution, fearing angry red bumps. Finishing the rest of my face, I was astonished by the amount of “stuff” the razor collected. The shaving cream’s effectiveness was questionable, but honestly, it was alarming (and strangely satisfying).

Post-shave, my skin felt unbelievably smooth and looked brighter. There was some irritation, especially near the acne, but nothing moisturizer couldn’t handle. Here’s where it went wrong: makeup application.

My foundation routine went awry. The product wouldn’t stay put! The lack of peach fuzz was nice, but my makeup looked patchy and uneven – a nightmare for any makeup lover! Within hours, my flawless facade crumbled, revealing splotches where I shaved.

Removing my makeup, I discovered the culprit – tiny bumps around my mouth and chin! Panic surged (thanks, internet horror stories!). Thankfully, a quick online search led me to a similar experience, which calmed my nerves (hers were way worse!). Armed with her advice, I applied hydrocortisone and hoped for the best.

The Verdict: Razor or Revolution?

While the smoothness was undeniably appealing, the irritation and makeup woes make me hesitant to repeat the shaving experiment.  

But here’s the real question: could a gentle hair removal device like the Ulike Air 10 be the answer? Unlike razors, it uses safe and painless air technology to remove peach fuzz and dead skin.  Could this be the key to achieving flawless makeup application without the irritation and bumps?  

Stay tuned for this experiment, where I put the Ulike Air 10 to the test also!

Unlike razors, the Ulike Air 10 utilizes Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology. This fancy term translates to gentle pulses of light that target hair follicles, disabling their growth over time.  

The Ulike Air 10 is sleek and user-friendly.  After familiarizing myself with the instructions (safety first!), I selected the appropriate intensity level for my skin tone.  A helpful feature of the Ulike Air 10 is the built-in skin sensor that prevents accidental use on unsuitable areas.

Gliding the Ulike Air 10 across my cheeks, chin, and jawline felt like a cool massage.  There was a slight zap with higher intensity levels, but nothing unbearable.  Compared to the scraping sensation of a razor, it was a night-and-day difference.

After my Ulike Air 10 session, my skin felt noticeably smoother.  Unlike shaving, there was no irritation or bumps.  Excitedly, I embarked on my makeup routine.

My usual foundation application went on flawlessly!  The product glided evenly across my skin, with no patchiness or unevenness.  Unlike the post-shaving experience, my makeup held strong throughout the day.  No midday touch-ups needed!

It’s important to note that permanent hair removal takes time and multiple treatments.  However, after using the Ulike Air 10 consistently for a few weeks, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of my unwanted facial hair.  My skin feels smoother overall, and my makeup application has become a breeze.

Shaving vs. Ulike Air 10: My Comparison Table

Now let us take a bird’s eye view of Shaving and Ulike features in detail in the form of a table here.

Cost$5 to $20 per pack$300-400 for a lifetime Shaving
Time is taken in treatmentUp to an hour5-7 minutesUlike Air 10
Results lasting for3 to 5 daysRelatively permanent Ulike Air 10
Skin-friendlyLessMoreUlike Air 10
Compatible withFull body and faceAll regions Ulike Air 10
Hair regrowthBlunt endsFine and thin hairUlike Air 10
Skin and hair colorAllAll Both
Can be done during pregnancyYesYesBoth
Can be done over tattoosYesYesBoth

The Final Verdict: So Long, Razor! Hello, Ulike Air 10!

The Ulike Air 10 has become my go-to for achieving a flawless makeup base.  While shaving offered a temporary smoothness, the irritation and makeup application woes were dealbreakers for me.  The Ulike Air 10, on the other hand, provides a gentler, more permanent solution.  No more bumps, no more makeup mishaps, just smooth, radiant skin that’s ready for its close-up.

If you are looking for a short-term, quick-fix, and inexpensive solution to hair removal, shaving is a suitable one. However, if you would rather spend some money on hair removal that lasts for a long term and has minimal to no side effects, Ulike Air 10 is definitely for you.

My Recommendation? Ditch the razor and consider taking flight with the Ulike Air 10! If you’re looking for a smoother, more confident you, then the Ulike Air 10 is your answer. You might just discover your new skincare and makeup application.

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