How Much Does It Cost To Install A Swimming Pool?

Swimming Pool

Some homeowners view swimming pool installation as an expensive and luxurious upgrade. Others, however, feel it is a necessity. Fortunately, different pricing options make swimming pool installation for every home affordable. This guide explains how to establish the latest cost of installing a swimming pool in Australia.

The Costing of a Swimming Pool

The cost of owning a swimming pool in Australia can exceed AUD$100,000. However, prices vary greatly, with some going for around AUD$35,000. It is possible to customize a pool choice to fit a budget within that range.

The following are some factors that currently determine the cost of installing a swimming pool:

The Covid-19 Pandemic Factor

Many economies are struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The rolling effect of the pandemic on the pool installation industry is a rise in costs. The shutdown slowed down trade, which increased freight costs. 

High demand against a low supply of labour and construction materials further spiked pool installation costs. These logistics had an impact worldwide. Still, the price of labour and materials rarely goes down. The result is a 30% rise in post-pandemic pool installation costs. 

Non-monetary Costs

Besides the costs of getting approvals from the relevant authorities for the swimming pool construction, consider non-financial costs like time. It can take several weeks or months to get the necessary approvals for the pool installation, and it requires a lot of patience to push through this stage. Constructing an inground swimming pool requires space to park the machinery and to dispose of the excavated soil and debris.

Picking a Pool

The best-known factor about the cost of installing a swimming pool is that the type of pool is the major factor when drawing the budget. Above-ground swimming pools cost less than in-ground ones that also take longer to construct.  A standard fibreglass shell without landscaping and filters is one of the cheapest options in a choice of pools. 

Related Costs Besides the Pool

The construction of an inground pool requires elaborate preparation. The budget should reflect the costs of machinery, excavation, and council fees. Soil assessment tests and topography evaluations are conducted on the site to check the integrity of holding a swimming pool.

Some contractors also charge for quotes and preliminary site visits for the construction, landscaping, and poolscaping.  Also, unexpected situations may occur during the pool installation. These include rocky ground and underground tanks and pipes that require time to manoeuvre around.

Other times, a fence may need to be modified or moved in compliance with pool construction regulations. The property may be modified, such as removing a deck to create space for the pool. It is advisable to have some buffer funds in the budget to counter such unforeseen situations.

Custom features and accessories like pool heating and lighting add to the initial installation costs. Poolside paving, which depends on the type, also affects pool costs.  Add on fencing costs since a fence is a safety regulation. There are cost-effective timber, aluminium, and bamboo fences. Glass fences are popular but expensive.

Remember long-term pool cleaning and maintenance costs. They include the purchase of pool covers and paying water and electricity bills for the pool. Some owners invest in hassle-free but pricey modern pool tech solutions like a pool cleaning system. It has robotic cleaners, manages pump speeds, and self-clean and self-chlorinating systems.


Installing a swimming pool is an attractive and timeless investment. A swimming pool is a high point on a property, especially on summer days when the temperatures keep rising and when entertaining at home. It also raises the value of a home as an asset to hold and for sale. Please take note of emerging issues and their effect on swimming pool installation expenses. After making a wish list for a pool, consult an experienced contractor for a quote. 

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